Root Canal Services at Puyallup Summit Dental Center

Welcome to Puyallup Summit Dental Center, where your comfort and oral health are our top priorities. Dental root canal therapy is a specialized procedure that can save a tooth suffering from infection or damage. Our skilled team of endodontists is dedicated to providing you with expert root canal treatments, ensuring a pain-free and comfortable experience.

Our Root Canal Services:

  • Root Canal Therapy: Root canal therapy involves removing infected or damaged pulp from the tooth’s interior, cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing it to save the tooth.
  • Endodontic Retreatment: In cases of previous failed root canals, we offer retreatment to save the tooth and relieve any persistent pain or infection.
  • Apicoectomy: An apicoectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the tip of a tooth’s root, often performed when a traditional root canal isn’t sufficient.

  • Dental Pulp Therapy for Children: We also provide specialized pulp therapy for children to save their primary (baby) teeth and ensure proper development.

Why Choose Us for Checkup Services:

At Puyallup Summit Dental Center, we offer a range of reasons why you should choose us for your dental checkup needs:

  • Experienced Team:  Our team of experienced dentists and hygienists has been serving the Puyallup community for years, providing exceptional care to our patients.
  • Comprehensive Checkups: We conduct thorough examinations of your oral health, checking for any issues or concerns, and providing personalized treatment plans.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology:  We use advanced dental technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and comfortable treatment experiences.
  • Friendly and Caring Environment: Our clinic is designed to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, helping you feel at ease during your visit. 

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